Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little bit of paradise

Well I have always wanted a pond in my back yard so I just did it. Kora, Jakob, and Paw Paw worked all day Saturday and made our pond. I had dug the main hole the over day so we did all the rest in one hot day. It was so fun we didn't even feel the heat.

Here is the final pond with all of our hard work done. The pond has a filter and UV lamp to keep the pond from turning green. Kora and Paw Paw went to buy the fish at 10:00pm Saturday night at Walmart. We just could not wait. We put around 30 gold fish that can grow up to 12-16" long. I used about 1 ton of the flat rock to put around it and for sidewalk. I also used about a 1/2 ton of square rocks to form the wall around the upper pond. Jakob, Kora, and I caught a baby frog today and put him in the pond. I was really a blast and makes the back yard feel so cozy with the waterfall.