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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lindsay & Enos

I was digging around and found this video that Amy had put together for Lindsay and Enos. Hope you enjoy it.

Lindsay & Enos from David George on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michelle and Brad's wedding video

Well I just finished another wedding video and I think it turned out just awesome. Michelle is family and I had so much fun making this video for them.

Michelle and Brad Wedding from David George on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lindsay at DFW airport

Lindsay stopped at DFW airport to give her kitty to her Aunt Nana. We went to visit her for a short time and she was a little surprised. Sandy and Debbie surprised Lindsay and Amy with baby blankets they had made for their children. Baby Peanut Lucas was excited to see his family and of course his Paw Paw.

Lindsay at DFW Airport from David George on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

John Kempton Wake Boarding

I filmed John Kempton Wake Boarding the other day. If you want you can skip to the end of it where I have it in slow motion and playing Surfing USA.

John Kempton Wake Boarding from David George on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Pictures of Cabana

Well it is a work in progress but here are some pictures of the cabana. It is going very slow now because I am the stone layer and I am very slow. I will post updates as we get further along.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Memorial Day Party

We had a blast eating barbecue, swimming, and fishing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In memory of Shadow

Well our black kitty Shadow died last Saturday. She had diabetes and required to shots a day of insulin. She had been part of our family for over 10 years. Teresa had her cremated this past week. Our other cat Cinnamon acted a little weird at first then quickly found out she had all of the attention now and seems to love it. We will miss our Shadow but I am glad she is in no more pain.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Pics and videos

More Pictures from Utah Trip

Amy and I (Paw Paw) went skiing while we were in Utah at the Brighton Ski resort. I guess you call it skiing because that was only my second time to go skiiing. The first time I went was when I was 18 years old. A long long time ago. Amy is a good snowboarder. She took skiing in college. A few days later Teresa, Amy, Lauren and I went to Snowbird ski resort to ride the tram up the mountain. It was 10 degrees up at the top with a wind chill factor of -10 degrees. We had to come down as soon as we could because little Lauren started crying because it was too cold for her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Utah Pictures

We ate some good soup and later met up with Kelly Morgan. It was pouring down snow when we got there.

We could not wake up little Lucas.

Baby Lucas Videos

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucas Poem by Maw Maw

Lucas Meets the Cousins Six

I’m on my way to Utah, Utah USA,
To see a baby that’s brand new, brand new to us, I say.
He’s been spending time with Great Granny, Pawpaw Willis and Grandma Thayer,
I know he loved his home he left because Heavenly Father was there.

He even had a chance to visit with Uncles Matt and Joe,
But he left Heaven early because he just had to go.
Why did he have to leave so fast and get out of there and go?
Well there’s been some speculation but we really, for sure, don’t know.

Some think he wanted to see his Mommy,
Some think he wanted to see his Dad,
Some even think it was Geoffrey,
That he wanted to see so bad.

There are other ideas on this matter,
There are sweet cousins to meet, I know.
But I believe he wanted to see Jakob, Izey
Miah, Aidan, Lauren and Ko.

Why would he want to see those ones?
Why would you even ask?
Well those six are the greatest six,
And to top them would be a GREAT task!!

Maybe they’re GREAT because I say so,
Maybe they’re GREAT because they just are.
Or maybe they’re GREAT cause they are six,
And the “GREAT” is multiplied more, by far.

That’s not the important matter here,
What’s important is each of the six
Is very special in their own way,
So listen as I tell why that is.

Take Jakob Lowe for instance,
His heart is made of gold.
He loves everyone, yes, everyone,
Well at least that’s what I’m told.

Who would say that about Jakob Lowe?
Well lots of people I am sure.
There’s Paw Paw and Pops and they think he’s tops,
So they can’t be wrong….for sure.

Yes, his heart is gold but my Jakob Lowe,
Is really a tough little marine.
He shoots at my bunnies along with his dad,
But don’t get me wrong…he’s not mean.

Because he gets upset when the bunnies, he misses,
And he gets upset when the bunnies, he hits.
I get upset when they shoot at my bunnies,
But I still love them both to bits.

Now Miah is my “scramich” boy,
And likes to help Maw Maw a lot.
He makes cookies and cakes and with Maw Maw, he bakes,
But liking to swim, he does not!

He likes cars and trucks and….aw shucks!
He’s just a little bit shy.
But he is sweet and for Lucas to meet
Him is going to be fun….no lie.

That Miah of mine is so very cute,
He’s cute as he can be.
His Maw Maw loves him and he loves her,
And that is obvious to see.

Little Izey is new himself,
Well he was just born in June.
So that makes him only 8 months old,
And to think Lucas will see him soon.

Izey can say dadadadada Dad,
And squish up his face as he tries.
It just makes you laugh at the sight of that babe,
And you will laugh until you cry.

This little “berry” crawls with only his arms,
Just like a real marine.
He likes to sit and quietly play,
And is too sweet to ever be mean.

We all love him so and we are glad he is here,
And his laugh just makes you smile.
You will say to yourself, “Hey self,
We haven’t smiled like this in awhile.”

Now my sweet little Aidan is a joy to behold,
He has more energy than all of us do.
He will rise with the sun, stay up till he’s done,
And go all the way till he’s through.

We all know when Aidan is ready to run,
He gets ready by bowing his head.
He looks up with his eyes, gets ready to burn,
Then he’s off and leaves behind tread.

I love my Aidan and he almost loves me,
But his Paw Paw he loves a ton,
He’s working on goals, his “timeout” you see,
Because, from his life, he’s wanting more fun.

My Lauren is princess “Rella”
And you are her “best friend”
If you’ve got something that she really wants,
She’ll beg “pweeez” till you give in.

She tilts her head and gives you a smile,
To ensure that she lures you in.
Then you’ll give her the thing that she desperately wants,
And not even know why you did.

I love her so and she really likes pink,
She tells you this each chance she gets.
She is Little Miss Organized,
When things get out of order, she frets.

The last but not least person Lucas will meet,
Is Kora Olivia Lowe.
Yes, she can be a precious little girl,
Or a wild and woolly foe.

Her job is to “crack the eggs” when we’re cooking,
And she works the mixer when we bake.
But I love how she can defend herself,
Like when she took a golf club to her brother, Jake.

Another fun thing about Jakob and Miah,
And Kora Olivia Lowe.
They like to go fishing with Paw Paw so much,
They keep asking. “when are we going to go?”

I’m not really sure who likes it more,
Either Paw Paw or those little three.
But what does it matter, does it matter at all?
As long as they’re together, you see.

So Lucas, get ready and get set and go,
It’s time to meet The Six.
And goodness knows what that will bring,
But I know they will teach you some tricks.

Lucas, my precious, you will fish too,
And “crack eggs” and some cakes you will bake.
Just leave the golf clubs alone unless used to golf,
And don’t touch the head of my Jake.

Oh those cousins of six have so many tricks,
They will tutor you till you are schooled.
Then with one little “pweeez”, you’ll melt all hearts with ease,
We’ll surrender and not even know we were fooled.

Well Lucas, I thought I was finished,
The poem had come to an end.
But then I remembered one item,
And needed to fit it in.

You are our only baby,
Who was born in another state.
The rest were all born in Texas,
But that doesn’t mean you don’t rate.

I needed a baby born in the mountains,
Because mountains are my favorite thing.
They make me smile, they cheer me up,
They make me laugh and sing.

So you are the “mountain baby,”
And we obviously love you so.
But this poem just keeps getting longer,
It’s been fun…we’re here now…gotta go.

We all love you dearly,
Maw Maw

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Lucas is here

Well today baby Lucas decided to pop out. Lindsay and Enos had their little Lucas decide to join the family today. His weight 7 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Born at 7:55 am Utah time. Teresa and I will be there shortly. Amy and Lauren will be joining us also. They are flying. We can't wait to see this Lucas man and hold him. He has already been asking where is his Paw Paw according to Lindsay.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We all went fishing on Christmas Eve

As soon as the Lowe grandkids got here from North Carolina they just kept talking about how much fun it was to go fishing and every day they would ask can we go fishing today. So I got some worms and on Christmas Eve it was so pretty outside we all got on the 4 wheeler and went fishing. Kora caught three fish before any of us even had a bite. Jakob caught 5 fish and Miah went blank but he had so much fun it didn't matter to him. Kora ended up catching a total of 6. They caught perch, bass, and catfish. Yes I went blank like Miah but I spent most of my time putting on worms, untangling lines, taking pictures, and unhooking fish. What fun!!!!!!