Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I have been tagged

I will try and list a few things that most people do not know about me but my wife knows it all.

Secret 1

First everyone knows I am a big Dallas Mavericks fan. I just totally love basketball. I love to watch it and play it. One thing you may not know about me is that I never touched a basketball until I was around 19 years old. Scott Pierce introduced me to basketball in his driveway. He was patience with me and taught me a lot of things about the game. Scott played high school and college basketball and was very good. He showed me that you didn't need to be tall to play good basketball. He was an excellent point guard and could drive to the basket against the best of them. Thank you Scott for teaching me a game that has changed my life. It gave me the confidence that I needed in life to succeed. My secret is that I always wished I had been able to play some level of school basketball. Not that I think I could have but I sure would have loved to try. It is kinda sad but now I can only play basketball about once every two weeks because my knees hurt to much and require time to heal. What also is sad is we now have a new Stake building only seven minutes from our house with a full wood floor court (I have been playing on a small carpet gym at church for 15 years) and I am not sure I can even enjoy it very much for obvious reasons.

Secret 2
You all know that we have three beautiful daughters. What you may not know is that I wanted each one to be a boy. Well I didn't get my wish but I did get three great son-in-laws and now have three wonderful grandsons. Thank you Daughters for bringing me these sons.

Secret 3

I have never smoked a cigarette but when I was 15 I did puff on a cigar once and decided it was just a stupid thing to do.

Secret 4

Some people may already know this but I will just post it anyway. My favorite book is The Richest Man in Babylon. When I was around 25 I was in an Elders Quorum meeting and they were discussing that we need to be debt free and learn how to save money. The teacher passed out a copy of a chapter from The Richest Man in Babylon and it changed my whole outlook on life. I would encourage everyone to read this book and apply its principles and if they do they cannot help but to be successful. To put it in a nutshell the book teaches us that we must pay ourselves 10% each year and let that 10% grow and grow making wise investments and never take it out for pleasure needs. Any success I have had comes from this little practice.

Secret 5

I only must say this because my wife has crushes on George Srait and Johnny Depp.

I am a fan of Keira Knightley.

Secret 6

I know I was only suppose to post five secrets but I had to do one more. I have always wanted to get to know my sister better but it seemed like she would never let me get to really know her. I now feel like I know my sister and I am so excited about this. She is such a great sister. Thanks Sister for your Love and support. I am a better person because of you.

I don't really know how this tagging thing works but I tag David Herfurth, Austin Lowe, and Enos Heinzen.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is Teresa and it took me 20 minutes to get to this point so that I could post on my blog. This is the most irritating thing for me but my darling daughter, Lindsay, "tagged" me and I must play. It is not that I mind "playing" but I am so technically challenged that I get mad when it is not simple to do. Huh I go. I am supposed to tell you 6 things that are secret, no one knows, etc, etc. Hmmmm and then I tag someone and they must go through the h....I mean trouble that I went through. Actually, I am quite honored to be a tagee. Thank you Pooh. I now I must go get a cupcake and then proceed with the test........I am back and are you asking why I am eating a cupcake at 10:40PM, well, if for no other reason than because Young Womens in Excellence is over for another year and I deserve this cupcake. Now my six things..... 1) I secretly lust after Johnny Depp...sorry David that you had to find out this way! 2) I have never even tried a single drug item AT ALL which in itself is a miracle since I was a teenager during the 70's and dated several guys (as a teenager) that were always doing drugs. One even went to prison for doing drugs and one even died from doing drugs. 3) My cousin, Cindy, did coax me into smoking a cigarette at the age of 14. We were in my back yard. That was my first and last ever. I did not like it. 4) Some of you may know this. I just cannot remember if I told anyone. When I was 16, I attended high school one day with my friend, Debbie Sorensen. Our school was out that day and so I went to school with her. My mom always made me wear my dresses too long, in my opinion. So I hemmed up the dress the night before school the next day and wore the dress the length I WANTED. I had planned to let the hem down before mother picked me up from Debbie's BUT when she and I arrived home from school she was waiting for me and saw me walk up in my "short" dress. I got in a lot of trouble for that. And 5) I secretly lust after Johnny......oh yeah...I already said that....let's see....ummmmm! I have such a normal not very juicy life. I was actually supposed to have 4 children and Nancy Pierce was going to have 3. She ended up having a 4th child and I stopped at 3 so secretly Cassie is my daughter. Just ask Nancy.

There you have it. That was "mama fore she was mama." Not much dirt there, though, huh?

Again, thanks my dear Pooh for letting me play. I tag Nancy Pierce, Amy Herfurth, David George, and I do not know anyone else who does a blog. Sorry, I tag only 3 humans.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kora and Lauren

This is one of MaMa and PaPa's favorite pictures of Kora and Lauren taken by Amy about a year ago. They have already grown up so much since this picture.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A work in progress

Well we didn't realize that this was going to be a daily adventure but we will give it our best try. We are really boring people just enjoying our family and watching our Daughters grow up and have wonderful families. It is really fun to watch our Daughters work and grow up. They all have made us two very proud in all that they have accomplished. These grandchildren make being old fun and keep us on our toes. So fun to have the Lowes staying with us even if it is for a short time. We will try our best to keep posting comments and we thank you for your comments.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

David and Teresa's Place

Well everyone in the family has a blog so why not. MaMa and PaPa must move on with the times so now have created a blog so we can all keep up with each other.