Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jessica's wreck

You may have noticed that Jessica has not posted anything on her blog the last few days which is unlike her. Well she has a good reason as you can see by the pictures. She was coming home from one of her parties Saturday and a lady hit her in the rear going about 40-50 miles per hour. The lady did not even hit her brakes. The lady said she was looking down and was just not paying attention. Jessica was hit so hard that she was knocked into two other cars in front of her. Jessica went to the hospital to be checked out and she seems ok. She is sore all over her body and has a big bump on her left leg from hitting the dash. There was a off duty policeman who saw the whole accident. The lady was very upset and crying. She really got upset when she found out Jessica was pregnant. I am sure Jessica will tell you more when see starts feeling better.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Teresa's silly poem

Teresa just wrote this silly poem one day and it turned out so cute. Lindsay likes it so much she may add animation to it.

While you are working at work so late,

A snack is a must when working past eight.

Being from Seussville and loving to eat,

I wonder if I could offer you Potted Giraffe's Feet?

I know you are tired and want to just get it done,

but working is not fun if you "just get it done."

So allow me to offer you one more fun snack,

It is one of my favorites...it is called Blackened Jack.

I know it does not sound good but I thought that too,

until I took a bite and my mind was changed, Lou.

Now Jack is not a veg or a meat or a cheese,

Jack is a piece of the penguin's left knees.

Do not feel for the penguin whose knee that it is,

because some birds like to donate this for the enjoyment that it gives.

Some penguins like humans much more than they should,

they donate one knee because it just makes them feel good.

The knee is then sent to the south, south, south pole,

When it is beaten and beaten and dipped in yellow snow.

We all know that the yellow on the snow is tee tee

from some "thing,"

but when drenched on that knee it is oh! so enticing.

Now you may not go for the potted feet or blackened jack,

I have one last suggestion...how about Polar Bear Crack?

Polar Bear Crack is so sweet and quite smooth,

A lot of us eat it because of our sweet tooth.

You may prefer meat to any sweet thing we know,

So how about Hedgehog Pits to fill the void in your toe.

If eaten correctly, it goes straight to the toe and there it will stay

till the toe is so so.

I have eaten it often and enjoyed it a lot,

but just do not eat it if you are real hot.

It is not for the summer or spring for that matter,

If eaten when hot the stuff sticks to you bladder.

This causes a reaction that is hard to believe,

but the bladder will continute to relieve and relieve,

Then people will make fun of YOU as you "go"

because then you will be causing all the yellow in the snow.

Copywrite DEG Company 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blue Betta

OK I am posting this for Sheriece because she just bought a betta fish. I really like the betta just setting on my desk and swimming around. So easy to take care of. No special pumps or water treatment except to remove the chlorine and replace water about once a week. They only cost around $3.00 at Walmart. I think I spent around $15.00 total for everything.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A fun day fishing

We were all just bored and decided to go fishing behind our house. There is this little pond back there and we just dug up some worms and made a homemade fishing pole. It was so fun!!!! Everyone caught fish. Jakob caught the first one a baby perch. Then Kora was next also catching a baby perch. PaPa was next catching a five pound catfish. Austin came later catching a massive fish.

Kora caught this seven pound catfish and it almost pulled her in the water but PaPa caught Kora
and saved her.

Friday, November 2, 2007

It was very scary at the George House

Jakob and Miah----------------------------------- Miah and Kora

Teresa had a casket from work and we put it to good work.

Don't let this scar you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!